More Info Pneumatic Brakes (Combiflex)

Re pneumatic brakes
  • Compatible with all existing roll stands (back stands), including Powell Engineering, BHS, Martin and Langston.
  • Modular caliper design and unique turbine rotor reduce brake size & cost.
  • Excellent heat dissipation and high quality kevlar pads lengthen pad life.
  • Brakes run cool, minimizing squealing and brake dust.
  • Self-enclosed – safe without a cage.

More Info Electromagnetic Powder Brakes (Eleflex)

Re electromagnetic powder brakes
  • The Double E / Re “Eleflex” magnetic particle brake (powder brake) provides precise, quick-response tension control for light tension applications (under 1 pli).
  • The powder brake is a quiet alternative to friction brakes, and is ideal for clean environment situations.
  • Low voltage (24V DC) operation presents no safety hazards and makes installation and use simple (no transformers are needed to convert from standard electrical supplies).
  • The compact brake is available with an integral fan or radiator for heat dissipation.

More Info Brake Pads

brake pads
As the exclusive supplier of Re Combiflex roll stand brakes and parts, Double E is the only place to purchase authentic Re brake pads.