UC-3000 Components

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  1. High-strength aluminum body minimizes chuck weight.
  2. High-strength clamping flange allows easy positioning of chuck, but will not crack or break.
  3. Stainless steel air valve will not rust.
  4. Stopping flange allows easy roll positioning.
  5. Flange Cap
  6. Proprietary polyurethane bladder resists stretching and puncture - can even withstand repeated knife cuts.
  7. End cap.

Six-inch UC-3000 bladder air chucks mounted on a three-inch air shaft
An optional air hose connects the air chucks for convenient inflation and deflation. A single valve is used to control both bladders.
Three-Inch UC-3000 Air Chucks
Often used in a cantilevered position in web applications with light to medium tension, and with light roll weights. Click here
UC-3000 Synopsis
More information about UC-3000 bladder chucks. Click here

air chuck adapters
DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Expanding Core Shafts
Mount bladder chucks on carbon fiber core shafts to create lightweight assemblies for gripping larger diameter cores. Click here
DG-2000 Expanding Core Shafts
Double E bladder chucks mount easily on air shafts to adapt to various core diameters. Click here
LC-1000 Latching Roller Chucks
Like the three-inch UC chuck, but mechanically engaged so air is not necessary. Click here
DF-1000 Through Shaft Chucking System
Torque activated shaft-mounted solution for three inch cores. Click here
DF-2000 Torque-Activated Core Chucks
Ideal for constant torque shaftless applications. Click here

DF-2000 Step Chuck

Three-inch UC-3000 Air Chucks

  • The three-inch UC-3000 air bladder chuck is often used in web applications with light to medium tension and with light roll weights.
  • Mounts easily onto a through shaft, and usually works in conjunction with a supporting roll collar at the opposite end of the roll.
  • The chuck commonly replaces old-style cones or wedges (which are heavy and/or labor-intensive to use) on narrow web packaging, form, fill & seal, and tag, tape & label machinery.
  • The LC-1000 Latching Roller Chuck is commonly used in similar applications when air inflation is not possible or not desired.
  • Also available as a cantilevered air chuck.

UC-3000 Synopsis

UC–3000 “Ultra-Chuck” bladder air chucks are lightweight shaft-mounted adapters which make running various core sizes quick and easy. The chucks can be repositioned or replaced with little effort to accommodate various web widths or different core sizes. An optional air hose connects two chucks for simultaneous inflation and deflation. The Ultra–Chuck is a proven product from an industry leader. It performs reliably and consistently, and carries a long, comprehensive warranty. Solid body design and dual clamps are available for heavy duty applications.