Core Cutters

More Information Double E offers various core cutters because no one core cutter can satisfy the requirements of every core cutting application. A high-volume producer of thick-walled converting cores does not have the same needs as a label converter, for example. There is no reason to suggest an expensive automatic core cutter if a simple, inexpensive manual core cutter will be sufficient. With four distinct core cutter choices, Double E can specify the best core cutter for your application

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Manual core cutter
  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models
  • Ideal for cardboard and some soft plastic cores
  • No sawdust
  • Precise, clean cuts
  • Operator safe

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Automatic core cutter for thin-wall cores

  • Perfect for core cutting applications in the label industry

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Automatic Core Cutter for High Volume Cardboard or Plastic Core Cutting'
  • For high volume cardboard or plastic core cutting ~ easily handles larger diameter cores and thick core walls
  • Various core loading possibilities