Powell Model EP Shaftless Unwind Stand

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Powell shaftless unwind EP

The model EP (Eccentric Pivot™) shaftless unwind minimizes downtime between rolls to give you hours more production daily! The time tested proven moneymaker Model EP is used by converters worldwide for increased safety and production.

  • The Model EP is available for roll sizes under and up to 60", 72", 84", 100" and 114" diameters.

  • Roll widths range from 16" up to 160".

  • Roll weights up to 10,000 Ibs.

shaftless unwind

Powell Model EP Junior

The model EP Junior Eccentric Pivot™ roll-lifting shaftless unwind minimizes downtime between rolls to give more production. Its standard configuration includes a hydraulic lateral adjustment. This can be seamlessly integrated with an edge guide. Options include a variety of core chucks, tensioning systems and custom configurations. A wide range of roll sizes can be accommodated.

  • The Model EP Junior is available for roll sizes under and up to 36", 48", 60", and 72" diameters.

  • Roll widths up to 36".

  • Roll weights up to 3,000 Ibs.

Motorized Aisle Loading Option

Powell Model DU (Dual Roll)

The model DU dual roll shaftless unwind is perfect for multiple web applications. The unwinds are loaded from the ends or from a side loading roll cart. The unwinds can be placed under an overhead transfer structure which may contain, tension control and web steering devices. The DU series is designed to have the same reliable nature as the proven models EP and EP Junior.

Motorized Aisle Loading Option

Motorized Aisle - Loading Option

With motorized aisle loading, it is easy to handle muliple webs in a single line. The unwinds more laterally to quickly retrieve a waiting roll. A pair of unwinds, one equipped with the aisle loading option, often makes more sense than a turret unwind.

shaftless unwind

Belt Driven Unwind Option

The model GB belt drive, used with the model EP unwind, is an excellent solution for low tension applications such as tissue or nonwovens.

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