CBA-1000 Narrow Web Unwind / Rewind Station

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The Double E narrow web unwind/rewind station regulates the tension of narrow web material while providing quick roll changes and the flexibility of running multiple core sizes. Problems associated with poor tension control, such as core slippage and excessive dust, are eliminated resulting in a faster, cleaner and more efficient production process.

narrow web unwind rewind stationnarrow web unwind rewind station
narrow web unwind rewind station

Features and Benefits

  • Easily mounts to any section of the production line.
  • Pedestal or flange mounting.
  • Manual, automatic open loop or automatic closed loop tension control.


  • Narrow Web Printing (add laminating, inspection, die cutting, etc.)
  • Textiles (add spools)
  • Form, Fill, and Seal Packaging
  • Envelope Production

Strip Chuck / Shaft

  • Prevents roll bounce and vibration
  • Bladders are tough, dependable, and easy to replace
  • Available sizes include: 1", 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.5", 2.75", 3", 4", 50mm, and 75mm

Available Options

  • Additional chuck styles
  • Web guiding systems
Tension Option: Pneumatic Brake
Flexibility for manual pneumatic tension
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Tension Option: Powder Brake
Fine control for light tension applications
(24V DC)
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Tension Option: Mechanical Spring Brake
Manual controls for medium tension applications
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Tension Option: Slipper Clutch
Manual operation for slow and low tension applications
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Tension Option: Motor Driven
Precise control for rewind and unwind; requires tension control system
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Tension Controller
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Web Guiding Systems
A simple system which moves the unwind or rewind station, together with the roll, to keep the material aligned.
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Tension Options

Pneumatic Brake

Re (Combiflex) Pneumatic Brake

This type of pneumatic brake utilizes packed discs (steel + lining) with a piston thrust drive in order to obtain higher torque performances. A rotary joint is used for air feeding.

Powder Brake

Re (Eleflex) Powder Brake

Magnetic particle brake (powder brake) provides precise, quick-response tension control for light tension applications (under 1 pli). The powder brake is a quiet alternative to friction brakes, and is ideal for clean environment situations. Low voltage (24V DC) operation presents no safety hazards and makes installation and use simple (no transformers are needed to convert from standard electrical supplies). The compact brake is available with an integral fan or radiator for heat dissipation.

Mechanical Spring Brake

Re (HT) Mechanical Spring Brake

For applications where there is no (pneumatic, electric or hydraulic) feeding type, brakes are proposed in manual execution, where the spring drive consists of a turning handwheel manually actuated by the operator.

Slipper Clutch

Slipper Clutch

Slipper clutches comprise of a series of steel plates that engage a hub and a succession of friction rings engage the housing. Pressure is applied to the plates and friction rings by adjusting a knob through a spring and pressure plate. This is ideal for manual operation for slow and low tension applications.

Motor Driven

Motor Driven

These compact motors are specifically designed for variable-speed drives in motion control applications. Ideally suited for precise control of rewind and unwind. Tension control systems are required.