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"Expandette" Removable Bottom Knife

Mario Cotta developed the "Expandette" cutting ring which utilizes a patented design to allow easy change of the cutting ring without removing the anvil from the shaft.

The ring makes it possible to keep the anvils sharp and in good condition, without the aggravation of removing the shaft and anvils, replacing the shaft, and then resetting the sharpened anvils in their proper location. With the Expandette, everything stays in place except the cutting ring, which can be quickly changed.

Sharpening of the cutting knife is no longer required. Once both sides of the cutting ring have been used, it can be easily replaced with a new ring which significantly reduces maintenance down-time.

  • Long maintenance periods are drastically reduced due to quick ring change
  • Cutting ring slips over the shaft so that the anvil and shaft never need to be removed
  • The cutting ring is disposable
  • Both sides of the cutting ring can be used


Available Sizes

Expandette is available on our expando knife slitting systems
or as individual anvils

  • 105mm x 80mm x 30mm
  • 110mm x 85mm x 23mm
  • 150mm x 4.000" x 1.850"
  • 160mm x 100mm x 50mm
  • 240mm x 180mm x 46mm
  • 275mm x 215mm x 55mm
  • 360mm x 300mm x 57mm

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