Web Tension Control Systems

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Web Tension Control Systems

Tension Control

Closed Loop Web Tension Controllers

MW.90.10 Tension Controller
Tension Controller
T.1 Tension Controller
Tension Controller

MW.90.10  /  T.1

  • Three (3) P.I.D. settings for acceleration, running, and deceleration—controller maintains consistent tension relative to line speed; does not use an average value.
  • Digital input display and digital output scale to easily monitor the brake or drive being controlled.
  • Ten (10) programmable presets allow easy switching from one material to another.
  • Controller “remembers” optimal running parameters for each situation.
  • Operator-friendly and easy to interface with existing machine controls.

Closed Loop Tension Controllers

Monitor web tension using load cells.

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Open Loop Controllers
Monitor roll diameter using US sensors. Click here
Integrated Web Tension Control Systems
Integrated systems package all electrical and pneumatic components in a single enclosure. Click here
Load Cells
Various load cells include foot-mounted, flange-mounted, and through-shaft designs. Click here
Improve load cell signals when distance to the controller is significant. Click here

web tension control
Re Web Guiding Systems
Shifting actuators, pivot guides, and steering roll solutions.
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Re Web Inspection
Video inspection systems allow easy monitoring of printed images on the running web material. Click here
Re Brakes
Pneumatic and electromagnetic powder brakes.
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Core Chucks
Double E offers a wide selection of shaftless and shaft-mounted core chucks. Click here
Core Shafts
Various core shafts to meet the needs of any unwind or rewind operation. Click here

Open Loop Controllers / Ultrasonic Sensors

MW.60.01 Tension Controller
Tension Controller

MW.60.01  / TS.3

TS.3 Ultrasonic Sensor
TS.3 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • The TS.3 sensor and MW.60.01 controller are parts of a user-friendly tension system that is easy to set up and use.
  • Digital set point adjustment with tapered tension standard.
  • Ten (10) programmable memories; digital input / output scale.

US.2 Sensor Controller

US.3 Sensor / Controller

  • Simple sensor with integrated web tension controller sends signals relative to roll diameter.

Integrated Web Tension Control Systems

Integrated systems package all electrical and pneumatic components in a single ready-to-mount, NEMA-style enclosure. Ideal for end users wishing to simplify installation.
EP.03 Integrated Web Tension System


  • Quickly connects to pneumatic brakes.
  • Contains unwind controller, E/P converter, air pressure gages, and manual override dials.


  • Quickly connects to powder brakes.
  • For use with US.2 ultrasonic sensor.
  • Contains unwind controller / sensor, current regulator, ampere meter, and potentiometer to adjust set point of the US.2 sensor.
EL.05 Integrated Web Tension SystemEL.05

Load Cells

CF.85 Flange Mount Load Cell
CF.85 Flange Mount

CK.100 Through Shaft Load Cell
CK.100 Through-Shaft
Load Cell

CF.85 Flange-Mount |  CK.100 Through-Shaft  |  CB.80 Foot-Mount

CB.80 Foot Mount Load Cell
CB.80 Foot Mount Load Cell
  • Various mounting styles including flange-mounted (CF series), foot-mounted (CB series), through-shaft (CK series), and cantilevered.
  • Full-bridge strain gages improve accuracy by allowing controller to average the input from both load cells. Also, if one load cell malfunctions, the tension control system can still work with an easy recalibration.
  • Integrated mechanical stop protects strain gage; 300% maximum overload.

The CB load cell handles extremely heavy rollers and high tensions. It is not a compressive load cell. Instead, it measures force tangent to the mounting surface so the weight of the roller does not register within the output scale. This design ensures accuracy even under severe conditions.


Load cell signals should be amplified when the distance from the load cells to the controller is greater than 30 feet, or when signal compatibility with an existing PLC is required.
Lybra Amplifier


  • Digital calibration.
  • Compact size; mounts on a DIN rail.
  • Two (2) alarm thresholds.
Gemini Amplifier


  • Integrated with load cell or pendant style.
  • Minimizes disturbance.


Re Pneumatic Brake
Combiflex Friction
Air Brakes

Re Combiflex Pneumatic Brakes

  • Patented turbine disc and internal fan for unparalleled heat dissipation.
  • Exceptional pad life.
  • No squealing.
  • Self-enclosed—safe without a cage.
Re Powder Brakes and Clutches
B.1200 / B.650
Eleflex Powder

Re Eleflex Magnetic Powder Brakes

  • Wide range capable of handling 1.5 ft/lbs to 370 ft/lbs of torque.
  • 24 V DC power supply.
In powder brake applications, Double E / Re controllers work best with Eleflex brakes.